Vision Preparatory Charter School prepares kindergarten through fifth grade scholars with the  academic and ethical foundation necessary to excel in middle school, thrive in high school and  graduate from college.

Job Description 

With the School Director and the Director of Finance and Operations, the Principal serves on the  Vision Prep Leadership Team to advance the school’s mission. Assisted by the Instructional  Facilitator and Dean of Scholar, the Principal serves as the instructional and cultural leader in the  school. The Principal oversees curriculum development and alignment, instruction, and the  professional development of teaching staff. The Principal also oversees daily academic  operations, acts as SCS district liaison, monitors teacher licensure, and creates the master  schedule. The Principal oversees all assessment systems, is responsible for researching the best  external source to evaluate scholars and analyzes all assessment results to guide instructional and  individualized supports in response to those results. Assisted by the Instructional Facilitator and  Dean of Scholars, the Principal will oversee the design and execution of professional  development sessions for teachers and reports directly to the School Director. The Instructional  Facilitator and Dean of Scholars report directly to the Principal and, ultimately, all instructional  staff members report, directly or indirectly, to the Principal. 

Academic Responsibilities: 

With assistance from the Instructional Facilitator and Dean of Scholars, the Principal will  oversee and monitor all curriculum and instruction decisions at Vision Prep including, but not  limited to the following: 

  • In cooperation with the academic leadership team and grade-level teams, the Principal  will research, review and facilitate the ordering of all curriculum materials.
  • Manage the school’s daily academic operations (daily schedule, teacher coverage, class  assignment). 
  • Ensure delivery of high-quality professional development sessions on data analysis,  teaching taxonomies, rigorous instruction, and teaching techniques. 
  • Work with teachers, when necessary, to ensure they are delivering effective, high quality,  rigorous instruction. 
  • Complete regularly scheduled observations with every teacher in order to give precise,  clear, and measurable feedback with positive action steps.  
  • When a teacher is struggling, coordinate support that occurs daily or weekly.
  • Monitor and support Scholar Supports Coordinator in the planning and implementation of  intervention systems for scholars with special needs or scholars who are struggling  academically; serve as the LEA for special education meetings 
  • Monitor and support RTI Coordinator in the planning and implementation of intervention  systems for scholars with scholars who are struggling academically. 
  • Ensure appropriate training for Associate Teachers in executing job-related  responsibilities. 
  • Provide ample opportunities for professional development for faculty and staff.
  • During Friday Celebration and Summer PD, lead the school in teaching the school’s  culture (7 key TLAC techniques and FIRST core values, to scholars and staff.
  • Manage faculty and staff, including hiring individuals who have the ability, work ethic  and cultural fit to fulfill the school’s mission and defined goals. 
  • Effectively evaluate all teachers and support staff (licensed) using the TEAM model.
  • Communicate frequently with the School Director to provide updates on the academic  progress of all scholars and proactively problem solve. 
  • Create and communicate academic progress reporting systems for use with scholars,  families, and instructional staff. 
  • Coordinate the tracking of scholar achievement data by teachers in order to disaggregate  and provide support where needed to ensure all scholars are achieving at high levels.
  • Work closely with the School Director and Director of Finance and Operations to analyze  and report scholar achievement data.  
  • Work with the School Director, Director of Finance and Operations, Instructional  Facilitator, Dean of Scholars, RTI Coordinator, and Scholar Support Coordinator to  produce and organize documents for AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) and other district related needs. 
  • Work with School Director to prepare academic assessment reports (narrative, charts and  graphs) and teacher effectiveness evaluation reports for presentation to Vision Prep  Board. 
  • Ensure school-wide execution of Vision Prep’s F.I.R.S.T. (Focus, Integrity, Respect,  Self-determination, Teamwork) core values program. 
  • Lead the recruitment and hiring efforts for the academic team (teachers, associate  teachers, RTI interventionists). 
  • Using data and Instructional Facilitator, Dean of Scholars, and teacher input, make final  retention recommendations to the School Director. 
  • Act as district liaison for teacher licensing and master scheduling. 

Culture Responsibilities: 

As a key member of the culture leadership team, the Principal will assist the Dean of Scholars  and Behavior Specialist to do the following

  • Be the driving force for school culture (FIRST core values. 
  • Walk the building multiple times/day. 
  • Help monitor Assist & Restore system to maximize scholar time on task.
  • Use Assist & Restore data to make system adjustments. 
  • Facilitate Community Violation expectations
    • Guides teacher training (new hire, in-service, and reteaching in faculty meetings).
    • Daily review of Community Violations (Administrative Assistant manages CV  paperwork).