***$5000.00 signing bonus for licensed teachers only.***

A Southern Ave Charter School first-grade teacher would provide effective learning exercises to help children successfully transition into the elementary grades and promote physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. She/he often focuses on reading and writing skills and on helping children hone the skills they learned in kindergarten. She/he also introduces basic science and mathematical activities. She must create a developmentally appropriate curriculum that includes many different activities on all core subjects, such as reading, writing, science, mathematics and social studies. She facilitates learning by using a variety of teaching techniques, such as hands-on activities, group discussions, songs, books, games and crafts, must be a team player.

Classroom Management
This first-grade teacher is responsible for effectively managing the classroom and ensuring all students are safe and have the ability to reach their maximum potential. He establishes an inviting classroom environment that promotes learning and is appropriate for all types of development. He participates in the selection of classroom materials, such as books, displays, décor and learning tools. A first-grade teacher manages the behavior of all students according to classroom rules and a student code of conduct. He must consistently enforce the rules and take necessary disciplinary actions.