The mission of STRAR is to become an educational incubator that promotes innovative teaching and learning with a global perspective and to ensure the highest academic achievement in a safe and nurturing environment. Students will be creative thinkers and sustain all knowledge to be effective leaders in their communities and abroad. In 2019-2020, we will serve approximately 300 students in grades Kindergarten through Sixth.

The multi-classroom leader (MCL) leads a small team of assigned teachers, paraprofessionals, and teacher residents in the same grade or subject to meet the MCL’s standards of excellence, which are aligned to the institution. MCLs establish each team member’s roles and goals at least annually, determine how students spend time, and provide feedback to the Chief Academic Officer, in regards to the organization of teaching roles to fit each teacher’s strengths, content knowledge, and professional development goals. The team uses the MCL’s methods and tools. The MCL co-plans, co-teaches, models, coaches, and gives feedback. The MCL also teaches students part of the time (teacher of record), in most cases. The MCL organizes the team to analyze student learning data and change instruction to ensure high-growth learning for every child. The MCL collaborates with the team, using the team’s ideas and innovations that the MCL agrees may improve learning. The MCL is fully accountable for learning and development of all students taught by the team members. Each MCL helps choose team members and leads their development, and monitors, assesses, and shares their progress with the principal.

Multi-classroom leaders may be “full release” (meaning they teach no full class(es) of their own) or “partial release” (in which they continue to teach a class for part of the day). A partial-release MCL typically has a smaller team than a full-release MCL.

Partial-release MCLs will apply all of these responsibilities to their own classroom(s) as well as those of their team members. Full-release MCLs ensure follow-through on these practices by their team members, and use the instructional strategies when working directly with the team’s students.

Planning and Preparation
– Set high expectations of achievement that are ambitious and measurable for all students taught by team
– Establish methods and create instructional tools and materials that team teachers use in all classrooms
– Set direction, verbally and with tools and materials, that clarify content and teaching process

Lead team to:
– plan backward to align all lessons, activities, and assessments
design instruction that is enriched (developing higher-order thinking skills) and personalized (reflecting learning levels and interests of individual students)
– design assessments that accurately assess student progress

Classroom Environment
Lead team to:
– hold students accountable for high expectations of behavior and engagement that are ambitious and measurable
– create physical classroom environments conducive to collaborative and individual learning establish a culture of respect, enthusiasm, and rapport

Lead team to:
– hold students accountable for ambitious, measurable standards of academic achievement
– be understanding and empathetic, but holds students to high expectations
be culturally aware and responsive and has experience working with a similar student demographic
– identify and address individual students’ social, emotional, and behavioral learning needs and barriers
– identify and address individual students’ development of organizational and time-management skills
– invest students in their learning using a variety of influence techniques
– incorporate questioning and discussion in teaching
– incorporate small-group and individual instruction to personalize and tailor instruction to individual needs
– monitor and analyze student assessment data to inform enriched instruction by teacher
– communicate with students and keep them informed of their progress

Professional Responsibilities
– Solicit and eagerly receive feedback from supervisor and team members to improve professional skills
– Lead team to maintain regular communication with families, and work collaboratively with them to design learning both at home and at school, and to encourage a home life conducive to learning success
– Organize and schedule team time to ensure alignment of instructional vision and delivery in all classrooms, and to troubleshoot students’ persistent learning challenges
– Lead team to determine how students spend instructional time based on instructional skills and content knowledge of teachers in teams
– Allocate instructional process elements (lesson planning, large-group instruction, small-group instruction, individual interventions, data analysis, grading, etc.) among team of teachers based on teacher strengths, content knowledge, and professional development goals
– Allocate non instructional administrative duties among team of teachers
– Model instructional tasks to aid team development
– Clarify and adjust team members’ roles and provide feedback, developmental advice, and assignments to develop their effectiveness
– Assess team members for potential role changes, and for increasing job opportunities for team teachers who are ready to advance (to new or more complex roles)
– Share team member’s progress with principal when team members do not meet the leader’s standard
– Participate in professional development opportunities at and outside school

– Knowledge of subject matter being taught
– Bachelor’s degree
– Valid teaching certificate
– An MCL must have 4 years of teaching experience
– An MCL must have scored Level 4 or 5 on TEAM for the last three years
– An MCL must have met or exceeded growth expectations per TVAAS (Level 5) for the last three years (if TVAAS is unavailable, an MCL must submit data demonstrating high student growth for the last three years.)
– Prior evidence of high-progress student outcomes in the relevant subjects (in the top 25% compared to other teachers in a state or national tests) or, at entry level, evidence of superior prior academic achievements, and organizing and influence skills indicating very high potential to perform at this level.
– Experience successfully leading and managing a team of adults to accomplish goals
– Demonstrated effectiveness working with people who have differing cultural backgrounds and/or personal characteristics, including race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or economic differences. Preference given for experience working successfully with those of similar demographics to the desired school placement.

– Full-time position
– Teacher-leader has built-in planning and collaboration times to complete administrative tasks, analyze data, plan instruction, and manage the team

– Competitive pay for an excellent teacher dependent upon funding, plus benefits and opportunities for pay raises.
– $10,000 yearly supplement in addition to base pay

Reports to: Chief Academic Officer/Principal