The mission of STRAR is to become an educational incubator that promotes innovative teaching and learning with a global perspective and to ensure the highest academic achievement in a safe and nurturing environment. Students will be creative thinkers and sustain all knowledge to be effective leaders in their communities and abroad. In 2019-2020, we will serve approximately 300 students in grades Kindergarten through Sixth.

The reach associate typically provides both instructional and non-instructional support to a team of teachers, as designated by the team’s multi-classroom leader. (S)he works closely with the teacher to complete various administrative tasks and non-instructional paperwork. (S)he manages procedures and supervises student behavior during transitions, lunch, recess, assemblies, and other unstructured activities, and while teacher(s) deliver instruction. A Reach Associate also assists with instruction by supervising time on projects, skills practice, and digital learning, and/or by instructing students in small groups or individually. All activities are directed by the multi-classroom leader, team reach teachers, or classroom teachers.

Classroom and School Environment:
– Hold students accountable for high expectations of behavior and engagement that are ambitious and measurable
– Contribute to a culture of respect, enthusiasm, and rapport
– Manage student behavior during transitions and less structured time (e.g., recess, lunch)
– Monitor independent work time in classroom while teacher provides instruction
– Tutor small groups and individuals, under the direction and using the tools/rubrics of the supervising teachers.
– Supervise projects, skill practice, and digital learning.

Professional Responsibilities:
– Solicit and eagerly receive feedback from supervisor and team members to improve professional skills
– Maintain administrative duties on behalf of teacher (such as taking attendance, entering grades, scheduling parent conferences, preparing student activities and assignments, checking homework, additional paperwork)
– Collaborate with teacher(s), tutor(s), and digital lab monitor(s), if applicable
– Participate in professional development opportunities

– Previous experience working with children
– Bachelor’s degree a plus, but not required
– Demonstrated effectiveness working with people who have differing cultural backgrounds and/or personal characteristics, including race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or economic differences. Preference given for experience working successfully with those of similar demographics to the desired school placement.
– Knowledge of subject matter being taught

– 5 days a week throughout the school year
– 8 hours a day, including paid breaks
– Part-time positions possible in some cases

– Hourly pay plus benefits for those working qualifying number of hours
– $3,000 yearly supplement in addition to base pay.

Reports to: Chief Academic Officer or Designated Teacher