We are seeking a music teacher who is excited to work in a charter school environment and who has a deep appreciation for exposing students to the music.

Specific Responsibilities:

· Implement the philosophy, goals, objectives, and policies adopted by the Board of Trustees as delineated in Board policy.

 Develop students’ music appreciation and skills via standards based instruction

 Instruct students for the purpose of improving their music appreciation and musical skills e.g. voice and instrumentation via standards based instruction

 Demonstrate musical instruments, equipment and supplies

 Model instruction to students integrating core content areas with Music in day to day instruction.

 Develop lesson plans in collaboration with site and grade level teams addressing specific educational needs of students

 Provide direct, instructional support and guidance to teachers integrating arts within the classroom and content areas.

 Provide formal and informal staff development/training related to both research and practice for classroom teachers and site administrators.

 Collaborate weekly with grade K – 5 certificated teachers, as well as site leadership teams, to develop strategies and support services that provide for seamless district-wide transitions.

 Meet monthly with the District Visual and Performing Arts team and Lead Teachers

 Document teaching and student’s progress/activities/outcomes and providing feedback to students, parents, and administration regarding student progress, expectations, and goals.

 Monitor student progress towards achievement of the district goals through review and analysis of data to ensure all decisions and program implementations are data driven.

 Develop goals and action plans that are in alignment with the district and Educational Services.

 Participate in various meetings e.g. parent conferences, in-service training, site meeting, etc. for the purpose of receiving and/or providing information; and/or meeting credential requirements.

 Conduct research and utilize data driven teaching practices to ensure students success and achievement.

 Maintain current research based practices with best practices for music instruction.

 Follow state and federal guidelines delineated in California Education Code and federal law.

 Perform other related duties as assigned or required.