The teacher resident is part of a small teaching team (typically 3–6, and up to 8, teachers and residents) led by a multi-classroom leader. A multi-classroom leader, or MCL, is an excellent teacher with prior high-growth student learning who leads, organizes, and develops a team of teachers and staff to serve multiple classrooms of students with excellence. Teacher residents are typically working toward certification or a master’s degree; they work full time for a full school year in various roles as determined by the MCL, while learning how to teach. Total instructional time exceeds that of typical student teaching roles. The primary role of the Teacher Resident is to grow their skills while providing support for other OC Roles, such as Multi-Classroom Leaders and Team Reach Teachers.

Typical responsibilities include learning while:

  • Delivering instruction: large-group, small-group, individual, and digital instruction, using the MCL’s lesson plans.
  • Monitoring and improving instruction with assessments, grading, data analysis, and rubrics to identify next teaching steps.
  • Adapting and improving high-standards, differentiation-ready lesson plans that motivate strong student learning, after learning to deliver such lessons prepared by the MCL and/or more experienced team members.

Teacher residents also perform administrative tasks, but instruction is the primary focus. Residents use the MCL’s instructional methods and tools, while developing instructional expertise, and may contribute ideas for ongoing improvement. Residents collaborate with the team in all activities to ensure high-progress learning for every student. Residents are accountable to the MCL for contributions to student learning outcomes, with specific goals and measures dependent on the role each resident plays.


Planning and Preparation

  • Ensure a high-standards, differentiation-ready curriculum
  • Plan backward to align all lessons, activities, and assessments with high-expectation standards & curriculum
  • Implement and suggest improvements to instruction that develops higher-order thinking skills and is personalized, reflecting the levels and interests of individual students
  • Implement and suggest improvements to assessments that accurately assess student progress

Classroom Environment

  • Hold students accountable for high expectations of behavior and engagement that are ambitious
  • Together, create physical classroom environments conducive to collaborative and individual learning
  • Establish a culture of respect, enthusiasm, and rapport


  • Set high expectations of achievement for each student
  • Hold students accountable for ambitious, measurable standards of academic achievement
  • Identify and address individual students’ social, emotional, and behavioral learning needs and barriers
  • Identify and address individual students’ development of organizational and time-management skills
  • Invest students in their learning using influence techniques
  • Incorporate questioning and discussion in student learning
  • Incorporate small-group and individual instruction to personalize and tailor instruction to individual needs
  • Monitor and analyze student assessment data
  • Adjust instruction level and method for high growth
  • Keep students informed of their progress

Professional Responsibilities

  • Maintain good standing within Relay Graduate School of Education by attending all required programming, completing all assigned coursework, meeting all established benchmarks for achieving licensure, and other requirements as assigned.
  • Solicit and eagerly receive feedback from MCL and team members to improve professional skills
  • Maintain regular communication with families, as assigned; work collaboratively with them to design learning both at home and at school, and to encourage a home life conducive to learning success
  • Meet with team and MCL to ensure alignment of instructional vision and delivery in all classrooms and to troubleshoot students’ persistent learning challenges
  • Perform all professional duties allocated by MCL


  • Knowledge of subject matter being taught
  • Bachelor’s Degree; minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.7
  • Working towards a master’s degree or a teaching certificate
  • Demonstrated effectiveness working with people who have different cultural backgrounds and/or personal characteristics, including race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or economic differences. Preference is given for experience working successfully with those of similar demographics to the desired school placement.


  • Full-time position
  • Residents have school time to complete administrative tasks, analyze data, and plan instruction, as delegated by MCL


  • 2021-2022 Salary: $36,720
  • Full Tuition for Masters of Arts in Teaching degree through Relay Graduate School of Education reimbursed after 4 years of employment at Memphis Scholars; reimbursement payments occur at the end of Years 2, 3, and 4 of employment.

Reports to: Multi-Classroom Leader and Principal