Start Date: July 26th, 2021

This is a Full-Time, Hourly Position: $18 – $35 per hour; based on educational attainment, licensure, and relevant experience

Benefits: Award-Winning low to no-cost Health, Dental, Vision plans for Individuals and Families

As an Instructional Aide, you will:

  • Plan towards and provide excellent instruction, making every minute count in your space
  • Provide assistance to create a well-organized, smoothly functioning school environment for the benefit of both teachers and students
  • Concentrate efforts with small groups of students and individuals as necessary
  • Set and reinforce clear expectations for student behavior
  • Receive feedback and coaching from school leaders and designated coaches
  • Reward positive student behavior and hold students accountable using school-wide systems

As an Instructional Aide, you should:

  • Have experience in education, preferably in an urban public or charter school
  • Demonstrate ability to motivate students and cultivate a culture of achievement
  • Hold a belief that all students should be held to high academic standards
  • Possess resilience and professionalism
  • Demonstrate commitment to school transformation
  • Maintain a strong sense of personal accountability for student achievement
  • Present the ability to be reflective and to incorporate feedback and coaching