Starting Salary Range: $51,000 – $60,180

Benefits: Award-Winning low to no-cost Health, Dental, Vision plans for Individuals and Families

The Dean of Student Engagement leads and supports school-wide efforts to build and maintain a warm, positive, achievement-oriented school culture where students enjoy being at school. In addition to students, the Dean of Student Engagement works closely with school leaders, staff members, students, and parents to establish a pleasant and supportive school environment designed to ensure attendance is prioritized as a key factor to student achievement. The individual helps teachers develop strong, mutually respectful relationships with students and families. The Dean of Student Engagement promotes student attendance, behavior, and academic success through incentives and other celebrations. School leaders may ask the individual to focus on a particular group of students or a portfolio of staff members.

  • Work closely with school leadership to access needs and determine goals and strategies to improve student attendance and academic success
  • Identify and obtain community stakeholders that can assist in meeting the needs of students within the school
  • Meet with targeted students to provide tier 3 attendance support
  • Conduct parent meetings to assess needs and provide identified supports to support student attendance and academic success
  • Develop and implement school-wide initiatives/incentives to improve student attendance and academic success.
  • Monitor attendance data daily and share highlights and progress towards school-wide goals weekly.
  • Work with teachers and staff to creatively find solutions to address attendance and academic barriers for students
  • Organize parent engagement activities that will promote an increase in student attendance and academic success
  • Assist with ensuring that school entry, breakfast, lunch, dismissal, and transitions are orderly, positive, and consistent with school rules and routines
  • Attend all required school events
  • Display a relentless dedication to doing “whatever it takes”
  • Demonstrate resilience and the ability to manage the details, deadlines, and rigorous project evaluation required to meet transformational goals
  • Be a collaborative, team player
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree and work experience related to the above criteria