Salary: $40,000.00/year

About Memphis Merit Academy
Memphis Merit Academy Charter School is a new academically challenging, highly structured, and joyful elementary school in Memphis, TN. Through rigorous academics, high quality instruction, and character development, Memphis Merit Academy ensures all kindergarten through eighth grade students achieve the academic skills, knowledge, and moral foundation to be firmly on the path to college after matriculating through our school.

Be an Operations Coordinator at Memphis Merit Academy
To achieve our mission, Memphis Merit Academy will operate in a fiscally sound, organized, and efficient manner to ensure accountability and to protect every instructional minute. The Operations Coordinator role reports directly to the Dean of Operations and assists with various projects and tasks to ensure a focused and effective learning environment.

We are actively searching for a dynamic person to fill our founding Operations Coordinator position. The Operations Coordinator is directly responsible for the assistance of fiscal services, event and field trip planning, transportation, technology, vendor relationships, attendance compliance, and student enrollment data. The Operations Coordinator supports the Dean of Operations with the establishment, organization, and maintenance of effective business and financial structures within a fast-paced, high performing environment.

In August 2019, Memphis Merit Academy Charter School will open its doors to 120 kindergarten and first grade students, and we will grow by 60 students until we reach full capacity of 540 students during the 2027-2028 school year.

We are actively building a founding team that shares our belief that with rigorous academics, high quality instruction, and charter development all students are capable of excelling in high school, college, and life. The Operations Coordinator must be passionate, detail oriented, and unrelenting in their belief of all children deserving a high quality education regardless of their demographics.

Job Summary
The foundation of academic excellence lies in a school that is strong in its operations. The founding Operations Coordinator will assist with the execution of the operational foundations of Memphis Merit Academy Charter School.

The Operations Coordinator will be responsible for all day-to-day operations, work directly with a range of vendors and support the operational staff of the school. The Operations Coordinator supports the Dean of Operations with implementation and maintenance of clear systems that allow leaders and teachers to focus on student learning and outcomes 100% of the school day.

Memphis Merit Academy has launched an urgent search for a committed, resilient, and results-oriented Dean of Operations. We will consider candidates who:

  • Embody the mission, vision, and core values of Memphis Merit Academy (Mindfulness, Excellence, Resilience, Integrity, and Teamwork)
  • Unwavering belief that there is not a more urgent task than providing an outstanding academic and character education to students from urban backgrounds
  • Take ownership for the smooth efficient operations of the school
  • Exhibit teamwork and works well within a team of high-performers
  • Are results-oriented and goal-driven, critical thinker, problem solver, analytical, and embody a can-do spirit and strong work ethic
  • Promote continuous improvement by being open to feedback; are self-reflective and humble
  • Excellent verbal, oral, and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to exercise excellent judgment in decision-making
  • Willingness to actively participate in school community activities
  • Communicate effectively with students, families, and colleagues

Key Competencies

  • Extensive data management and reporting skills
  • Proven ability to multitask effectively and prioritize strategically.
  • Strong growth mindset, with a willingness to take personal responsibility, able to internalize and apply feedback with immediacy, dedication to effectiveness and excellence.
  • One to three years of experience in operations and school level compliance preferred.
  • School-based experience preferred.
  • Spanish proficiency preferred
  • Minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree, advanced degree preferred
  • Strong proficiency in technological tools, including Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drive (or equivalents)


School Operations 

  • Assist with the operational needs of the school, including the facility, entrance and exit procedures, attendance, nutrition services, record-keeping, and event planning
  • Manage the enrollment process, including community outreach events, marketing, student lottery, registration, and family engagement events
  • Tracks student admission applications and maintains waitlists
  • Manage logistical systems within the academic program, including family conferences, homework collection, grading, behavior tracking, and progress reporting
  • Assist with logistical planning for school-wide events including school field trips
  • Operates informational technology systems (i.e. Enrollment, Student Scheduling, Family Information)
  • Tracking, management, and distribution of student medication
  • Drafts, edits, and distributes family notifications
  • Assist and plan emergency school drills in compliance with Emergency Management
  • Monitoring reports for technology inventory and audit accuracy of inventory for compliance with Federal and State regulations
  • Assist with the creation of the school wide operation systems; including the Operations Manual


  • Oversee school level fundraiser events and fiscal services for accuracy and completeness in accounting and reporting of all funds
  • Oversee the enrichment program, school level events, and fiscal services for accuracy and completeness in accounting and reporting of funds (Sports and Clubs, Aftercare, School Level Events, Field trips, etc.)
  • Complete daily deposit slips and receipt book reconciliation for all funds collected at the school level for accounting and reporting purposes
  • Ensure that all funds are deposited daily in accordance to the school level fiscal policy

Vendor Relations

  • Assist with the procurement, management and coordination of school vendors (i.e. transportation, nutrition services, facilities maintenance, security, and other third party service contacts)
  • Create and implement the Enrichment Program for all sports and clubs vendors
  • Secure new partnerships for the school to benefit the overall mission and vision of school

Student Enrollment and Family Engagement

  • Tracking of enrollment at school site and, as required, lead the enrollment process by working with the school leadership, teachers, and administrative team to meet enrollment targets
  • Implement enrollment campaign for students, including engagement in local marketing initiatives, and demographic analysis
  • Coordinates family tours and family engagement opportunities
  • Coordinate monthly Family Meriti Council meetings and events at the school level
  • Tracking of student attendance to monitor attendance and truancy at the school level
  • Social media management for the overall branding for the school
  • Collaborating with the DOO to ensure accuracy of student data in the school’s SIS

Supply Ordering 

  • Maintain responsibility for site level procurement of supplies, materials, equipment, and inventory management by creating and implementing the supply ordering systems
  • Organize the request and intake of student supplies throughout the school year
  • Process intake of packing slips for packages in the school for inventory

Through rigorous academics, high quality instruction, and character development Memphis Merit Academy Charter School educates students in kindergarten through eighth grade for success in high school, college, and life.