Memphis Delta Preparatory Charter School 

Memphis Delta Prep is a public, tuition-free, open-enrollment, K-5 school in Memphis, TN. The mission of Memphis  Delta Preparatory (MDP) Charter School is to support and grow productive and well-rounded citizens who will succeed in  college and beyond. We will work tirelessly to ensure that all of our students are prepared to reach, attend, and  graduate from highly selective colleges and universities. A completed course of study at a top-tier college will allow our  students to build and support healthy and happy families, empower and improve their Memphis neighborhoods, and  enjoy a rich intellectual life.  

MDP opened its doors in August of 2016 and currently serves 390+ students in grades K-5. In at full capacity, MDP will  serve 480 students in grades K-5. MDP is committed to closing racial and economic achievement gaps in a meaningful  way – not only as measured through elementary and secondary standardized test scores, but more importantly, through  post-secondary degree attainment.  

At MDP, we believe that excellent teaching is by far the most significant in-school factor driving student learning. To  achieve the results we seek for all of our students, we have an intensive focus on highly-effective teacher coaching, so  that every teacher at MDP is providing a world-class education for our students. We know that when teachers are  getting better, at an ever-accelerating rate, our students can consistently achieve at unprecedented levels. 


The Chief of Staff will work alongside Chief Operating Officer (COO) to achieve operational success at Memphis Delta  Prep. Operational quality is a determinate factor in the success of MDP and our students. The COS ensures that the  School Leader, instructional coaches, and teachers are using their limited time and resources in the most efficient  manner possible; that the physical space and environment facilitates and enhances excellent teaching and learning; that  obstacles to academic achievement are anticipated and avoided; and that staff, students, and families are  able to maintain focus on learning and growth in every moment. The COS is responsible for many of the essential non teaching functions at MDP, including space, materials, student services, technology, and external relationships. 

The COS manages other operations team members in order to create, implement, and refine systems to maximize the  power and efficiency of these resources in the service of our mission. Examples of those managed by the COS include  the Operations Assistant, the Shipping and Receiving Team, and Bus/Lunch Monitors. Externally, the COS is also  responsible for nearly all vendor management.  

The COS works closely with the School Leader, COO, and school leadership team to make high-level decisions. The COS works to ensure that all school decisions are made in the best interests of students, families, and other stakeholders as  well as in compliance with all applicable policies and laws. 

This job description outlines the areas for which the COS is responsible, though not necessarily the specific daily tasks  the COS completes. The COS’s success will depend on his/her ability to delegate with trust while holding team members  accountable to high expectations and maintaining quality control. In order to delegate, the COS must also understand  how to use deliberate practice to get better, faster. Ultimately, the COS at MDP needs to know how to get this essential  work done, and done well, through delegation and effective coaching. 

The duties and responsibilities below are subject to change as the needs of the school evolve, particularly as Memphis  Delta Prep navigates the challenges of the current COVID-19 pandemic. The role may include different components  during virtual and in-person learning, and the COS is expected to be adaptable and flexible in the changing demands of  this role. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Management 
    • Manages various members of the operations team, including the Operations Assistant, Shipping and  Receiving Team, and Bus/Lunch Monitors. 
    • Builds capacity of team through consistent delegation and coaching. 
    • Manages external vendors, including but not limited to nursing, security, custodial, food service,  transportation, landscaping, and others. 
  2. School Leadership 
    • Works with the School Leader, COO, and leadership team to make high-level decisions. b. Helps create and implement the strategic vision for the school. 
    • Problem solves as required; protects the instructional leadership team’s time by addressing issues as  they arise. 
  3. Family Relations 
    • Ensures that all decisions are made with families at the forefront. 
    • Leads or participates in family meetings and events. 
    • Ensures regular correspondence with families regarding school policies, updates, events, and  milestones. 
    • Meets with families to address concerns and resolve problems. 
    • Supports the student recruitment and enrollment process, ensuring that recruitment goals are met and  students are enrolled in an efficient, accurate, and compliant manner. 
  4. External Relations 
    • Acts as a representative of Memphis Delta Prep in the community. 
    • Makes new connections with community partners and manages relationships with external  organizations. 
    • Manages external communication sources such as the website and social media. 
  5. Human Resources 
    • Manages the staff recruitment process, including job postings, job fairs, resume screening, and initial  phone interviews. 
    • Assists COO in onboarding new staff. 
    • Works to create a positive staff culture and teaching environment. 
  6. Supplies, Materials, and Purchasing 
    • Makes regular supply purchases and understands overall supply budget. 
    • Manages grade level and department level budgets. 
    • Responds to staff requests for supply and material needs. 
  7. Facility 
    • Manages and oversees the school’s physical condition. 
    • Ensures that the school is safe and clean and that minor repairs are completed quickly; prioritizes major  repairs based on budget and need. 
    • Is responsible for building safety and coordinates fire, evacuation, and crisis drills. 
    • Assigns and manages building access cards, keys, and alarm codes for all staff and vendors. e. Ensures books, materials, furniture, and equipment are properly inventoried, stored, and accessible. f. Is responsible for overall visual impression of school and ensuring all building decorum is maintained  and reflects the MDP brand. 
    • Performs daily, weekly, and monthly building walk-through; prioritizes items to be addressed and takes  required action steps. 
    • Manages relationship with custodial staff and maintenance vendors. 
    • Manages the receipt of deliveries and ensures supplies are inventoried and stocked. 
    • Is on-call for any facility safety, security, repair, or cleanliness issues that may arise during non-school  hours. 
  8. Technology
    • Oversees the purchase, maintenance, and inventory of technology equipment, implementation of  technology training, and management of technology consultant relationships to ensure that the school  has a fully functioning technology infrastructure. 
    • Serves as the first point-of-contact for families with technology issues during remote learning; works to  solve problems quickly to avoid gaps in learning for students. 
    • Works with staff members to problem solve technology issues that arise. 
  9. Food Service 
    • Oversees management of food services by ensuring that food service is reliable, healthy, and efficient. b. Works with the COO to ensure the school meets all compliance standards and is prepared for audit.
  10. Transportation 
    • Serves as the state-required Transportation Supervisor for the school. 
    • Ensures that transportation is safe and reliable and that as many transportations barriers as possible are  removed. 
    • Creates and oversees bus routes; troubleshoots transportation issues that may arise. 
    • Ensures the school meets all compliance standards and is prepared for audit. 
  11. Daily Systems 
    • Creates, implements, and oversees daily procedures within the school, including morning arrival,  breakfast, transitions, lunch, snack, and dismissal. 
  12. Events 
    • Plans and leads various staff and family events throughout the year.  
    • Provides operational support to all MDP events. 
  13. Additional Responsibilities 
    • Ultimately, the COS is a leader at Memphis Delta Prep. Therefore, the COS regularly takes on additional  responsibilities and does whatever it takes to ensure Memphis Delta Prep students and staff have what  they need in order to be successful. For example, the COS may cover classes for absent teachers,  chaperone field trips, perform bus duty, or do a number of other necessary tasks throughout the school  day.  


Bachelor’s degree or higher required 

Minimum of four years of experience required 

Management and team leadership experience strongly preferred 

Experience working in a school that serves low-income students is preferred, but otherwise qualified candidates  with relevant transferrable experience should not be discouraged from applying 


Excellent written and oral communication skills 

Demonstrated ability to exercise excellent judgment in organizational decision-making 

Demonstrated ability to plan and execute daily systems with efficiency and fidelity 

Task management; ability to complete multiple tasks accurately by established deadlines Working knowledge of standard computer applications including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Zoom History of building relationships with diverse internal and external stakeholders  

Delegation when appropriate coupled with high standards for accountability 

Conflict resolution skills 

Ability to identify problems, implement solutions, and evaluate outcomes in a cycle of continuous improvement 


Demonstrated deep belief in the ability of low-income children to excel academically and the ability of schools  to be the drivers of that success; extremely high expectations for student success and school performance

Alignment with Memphis Delta Prep’s belief that “all means all”; drive to work to remove barriers to students  and families and uphold school policy of not suspending or expelling students  

Openness to, and desire for, frequent feedback; intense desire to improve and grow professionally; willingness  to practice, take risks, and lean into discomfort for the purpose of accelerating personal skill development Results-focused, with a “no excuses” mentality; willing to do whatever is necessary to improve personal skill set  and performance in order to drive organization to its goals; track record of exceeding goals 

Leadership orientation and personal initiative; willing to take risks and make big decisions – with confidence in  having done the necessary research, analysis, and preparation – and own the results, good or bad; deliberate  about doing the homework, but willing to act – not paralyzed or discouraged by incomplete information 

Willingness and excitement to actively participate in school community and school activities, including teaching  electives, tutoring students, leading events for and with families, and chaperoning field trips Sense of ownership and personal pride in MDP, our work, and our mission; this is not a “leave it at work” role, or  an “execute on someone else’s vision” job 

Physical Requirements and Working Environment 

Ability to move about the school to complete necessary tasks. 

Ability to remain in a stationary position when necessary while completing tasks. 

Ability to operate instructional technology such as laptop, projector, and document camera. Ability to move objects under 10 pounds. 

Ability to lift and move boxes/furniture with use of a hand truck. 

Sensory: Position requires typical visual acuity and field of vision, hearing, and speaking abilities. 

Equal Opportunity Employer 

Memphis Delta Preparatory is committed to creating a diverse staff and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard for race, color, religion, gender, gender  identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. MDP will provide  adequate accommodations to qualified persons with disabilities. Prospective and current employees are encouraged to  discuss ADA accommodations with school leadership. 


Nothing in this job description restricts school leadership’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time. 

Compensation and Benefits 

The COS salary is competitive with similar charter school leadership roles. Memphis Delta Prep offers a full benefits  package, including paid time off; medical, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance options; and participation in the  Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System. 

Start Date and Application Instructions 

MDP hopes to hire a qualified COS in October 2020. 

To apply, please email your resume to Caitlin Teplicky, Managing Director, at cstreit@memphisdeltaprep.org