Location: Promise Academy Spring Hill 3796 Frayser-Raleigh Road Memphis, TN 38128

Position: Academic Interventionist (Math)
The Math Interventionist is responsible for supporting student achievement in the area of
Mathematics with special attention to Tier II and III instruction. The Interventionist provides
individual or small group instruction to students who are struggling academically. This position is
also responsible for monitoring, reporting, and communicating student progress and

Essential Job Responsibilities:
 Provides high quality mathematics instruction to individual students and small groups
 Uses data to provide instruction to students and to bring their skills to grade-level
 Collaborates with teachers, administration, and families to help identify best practices for
individual and small groups of students
 Uses identified research-based interventions focuses specifically on individual student
 Maintains data-based documentation of continuous monitoring of student performance
and progress
 Provides data to school teams and participates in decisions about student progress
 Communicates with teachers, administration, and families regarding student progress
 Assists with identifying students for placement in intervention groups
 Participates in meetings with teachers, administration, and families to discuss student
placement and progress
 Provides diagnostic assessments for students as needed
 Provides input for program development
 Supports implementation of assessment tools and data management systems