-Collaborate with teachers and Deans of instruction to schedule delivery of Tier 3 intervention instruction during specials and other non-core instruction during the day.
-Ensure that Tier 3 students reach their CEG goal through proactive data cycle of progress monitoring, adjusting intervention resources, and delivering targeted interventions as indicated in the blue print.
-Use data from MAP, exit tickets, and weekly assessments to help teachers identify students who need additional supports.
-Provide instruction and intervention strategies to all students, including those in Tier 2 and Tier 3.
-Push into math classes where needed to co-teach or pull small groups
Create and prepare Learning Lab lessons and materials for Math Learning Labs.
-Lead Reteach 2.0 for students who are struggling with current standards in math and science.
-Implement effective instruction during reteach and Learning Lab blocks.
-Develop proficiency in a variety of math interventions and be willing to share instructional practice with teachers.
-Support teachers in tracking, documenting and owning student’s progress and attend monthly RTI Data meetings to provide updates on progress monitoring trends.
-Attend and actively participate in scheduled staff development, data meetings, and weekly planning meetings.
-Support the DOI as needed for professional development for learning lab, reteach, and math instruction.
-Attend and participate in RTI, IEP, and/or Child Study team meetings as necessary to provide information regarding student’s core academic needs.