Background: Libertas School of Memphis is a Montessori, liberal arts public charter school serving a high-need neighborhood in Memphis. Our mission is to be a school for human flourishing: cultivating minds, hands, and hearts for lives of wonder, work, and love. We offer our students a rich, rigorous, and personalized education through Montessori learning, supported with rich liberal arts content. And we are an attachment village of support between school, families, and our community. 

Role summary and information 

  • Key function: conduct business and personnel / HR functions to ensure our team is adequately equipped to pursue our mission. 
  • Full time, year-round position. Regular schedule 7:30am – 4pm; modified schedule during school breaks may be available; assist with occasional events outside the normal schedule. Two weeks each of paid sick and vacation time. Employer-sponsored professional development and training available. 
  • Salaried position: range from high 30’s (entry level) to mid 50’s (veteran) per year, depending on experience and qualifications. Health and retirement benefits similar to or better than market averages.
  • Reports to Director of Operations. Key relationships include Data Systems Administrator; Finance consultant; payroll/benefit program partners; operations team, administrators, and faculty members 

Measures of success 

  • All staff on-boarded, paid, and provided benefits accurately and on time; all employee and financial records are up to date, coded correctly, and compliant 
  • Purchasing and bills are completed on time and on budget 
  • Customer service: 90% stakeholder satisfaction. 90% on-time response/resolution of help requests.
  • Satisfactory performance evaluations and other indicators 

Key responsibilities 

  • Payroll, benefits, and HR / personnel
    • Coordinate employee onboarding, offboarding, and benefits administration cycles (e.g. background checks, certifications, insurance and retirement programs, etc). With help from partners, provide well-organized orientation about employment and benefits and help resolve questions.
    • Gather, track, maintain, and ensure compliance of all employee records (e.g. payroll deductions, benefit registrations, certifications, training compliance), including internal documents as well as status of employee information with benefits partners.
    • Prepare and submit payroll accurately and on-time.
    • Assist with employee engagement initiatives to support retention and satisfaction.
  • Purchasing, accounts payable, and other business processes
    • Research, select, and purchase approved items; coordinate with office team on receipt/delivery.
    • Receive and process invoices; ensure documentation (e.g. W-9, backup, coding, etc) and approvals.
    • Maintain internal documentation and code transactions in designated systems.
    • Maintain cash and receipts, reconcile, and make deposits, as required.
    • Monitor and coordinate with other staff to complete compliance reporting requirements.
    • Stretch goal: conduct monthly grant reimbursement processes. 
  • Customer service:
    • Process help requests for items above to ensure they are resolved in line with service levels.
  • Other duties as assigned 

Qualifications, competencies, and traits for position 

  • Experience with HR/payroll and/or accounts payable strongly preferred. 
  • Experience with spreadsheets and word processing strongly preferred; eagerness to be trained required.
  • College degree preferred but not required. Professional verbal and written communication skills required.
  • Thorough, organized, with strong attention to detail. Ability to multi-task and coordinate multiple projects.
  • Customer service demeanor. 
  • Flexibility, initiative, responsibility, and teamwork.
  • Model and support the school’s philosophy of human flourishing and the attachment village.