Provide and deliver gift student services to identified students with individualized support plans and  execute the plans as documented, complying with state and federal laws. 

The instructor will provide services to designated students, following initial training, and parent meetings. During the first few weeks, services will not exceed 15 hours a week. The remainder of the duration, services will likely not exceed 10 hours a week. 

The role of the gifted teacher is to: 

  1. Utilize expertise to create and deliver lesson plans for students receiving gifted services.
  2. Determine present level of performance and use the data to drive academic instruction.
  3. Develop Individualized Education Plans (IEP) for students on roster. 
  4. Implement student’s Individualized Education Plan. 
  5. Maintain communication with parents and conduct IEP meetings. 
  6. Maintain communication with the Special Education Program Administrator programmatic concerns and/or needs. 
  7. Create and follow a schedule to provide services. 

Interested individuals must either hold a valid Tennessee gifted certification or have proof of completion  of coursework allowing them to provide gifted services. 

This employer strives for a balanced, productive workforce, which is diverse in terms of age, gender, and cultural identity. We do not base hiring or promotional decisions on factors other than performance and  professional growth potential. Please note that we are unable to sponsor H1 VISA applicants.