This is an 11-month position. The incumbent is required to report for duty for the two (2) weeks immediately following the end of the school year and the two (2) weeks immediately preceding the start of the school year.

The High School Counselor is responsible for developing, implementing and managing a comprehensive school counseling program to serve the academic, social, and career development needs of students enrolled in PCAHS.

More specifically, the incumbent performs the following:

Development and Management

• Uses data to develop and inform the development of the school counseling program and evaluates the program’s impact on the school’s instructional goals.

• Coordinates a comprehensive school counseling program at the high school level

• Supports the transition of student records and data between school years related to the secondary school counseling program, i.e. ensuring proper and accurate student schedules, supporting the registration process and using data to support student planning.

• Collaborates on the development and management of a comprehensive school counseling program with the school administrator or instructional leader.

• Communicates and shares the goals of the comprehensive school counseling program to education stakeholders including students, families and community partners.

• Uses the majority of the time (80%) to provide direct services to students through preventive and responsive services, including individual student planning, and uses the remaining time in development and management, system support and accountability.

Preventative and Responsive Services

• Designs, implements and assesses the guidance curriculum.

• Utilizes responsive counseling, initiating individual and group sessions for students’ academic, social and personal concerns.

• Consults with families and educators to assess student needs and interests and to discuss appropriate recommendations for educational options.

• Plans and coordinates and provides classroom guidance sessions to meet the identified guidance and counseling competencies in the areas of academic achievement, career and educational development, and personal and social development to assist students in developing decision-making skills and identifying life goals.

• Assesses student needs and makes referrals to appropriate school resource personnel, social agencies, community agencies, and alternative programs.

Individual Student Planning

Prepares students for the transition to the next level: college, career, post-high school activities, and post-secondary options.

• Advertises course offerings to students and supports the scheduling process

• Completes the course selection process including updating and editing student course selections

• Plans and coordinates programs such as career and college fairs, ACT test skills preparation, improved attendance activities and other extensions of the counseling program to support students’ knowledge of post-secondary options.

• Assist students in navigating their academic, workplace and community experiences, through the use of individual student planning which includes individual graduation portfolios, student interviews, and other career planning tools.

• Collaborates with parents/guardians and educators to assist students with educational and career planning.

• Collaborates with school management teams in order to advocate for students needs and provide guidance for school staff.

Community/Parental Support

• Guides, coordinates and supports other school staff in implementing school-wide advisory programs.

• Uses responsive counseling strategies to establish relationships and collaborate with educators, students, families, and community partners which reflect recognition of and respect for each individual. Promotes an understanding and appreciation of diverse populations and cultures.

• Assists families in obtaining services for their children through an appropriate referral and follow-up process.

• Assists teachers in understanding their students, including providing and interpreting student data.

• Provides in-service training on topics related to the school counseling program and supporting student achievement.


• Prepares and submits a variety of reports and data, to ensure the fulfillment of established program requirements.

• Uses all available data, including academic grades, discipline referrals, and attendance data to identify students in need and to deliver services.

• Interprets tests, student data and other assessment results appropriately in the counseling environment for the purpose of developing and implementing academic plans for individual students.

Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and unwavering commitment to Gestalt’s mission. A proactive, hands-on strategic thinker who will own, in partnership with the School Principal, the responsibility for the development of effective relationships and engagement within the school.

Must have a minimum Bachelor’s degree (Masters preferred) in counseling and have a minimum of 1 year of effective counseling experience. Must demonstrate keen analytic, organization and problem-solving skills. This role must be able to present to and influence all levels and act as a change agent. Must be able to develop and implement initiatives and programs with minimal supervision.

Must be a self-starter with the experience and the ability to frame issues/opportunities for school leaders and senior management. A team player with strong interpersonal and communication skills; experience in effectively communicating key data, including presentations to senior management, board or other outside partners. Experience and/or knowledge of family resources in the Memphis community is strongly preferred.