Licensed After School Tutors support and implement gap-closure intervention plans during the after school tutorial program in grades 3-5, 6-8, or 9-12.  Tutors must be licensed educators with an endorsement in the area of employment:   ELA, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies/History.

  • Tutors will create and implement lesson plans designed to close achievement gaps for scholars in grades 3-12;
  • Teaching scholars a common core based curriculum;
  • Integrate technology into lessons and plans;
  • Motivatee scholars towards achievement;
  • Meet with parents regarding performance and conduct;
  • Developing on-going scholar improvement plans;
  • Work with special educators in a co-teaching model for students requiring IEP’s;
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Must hold a current TN teaching license in the appropriate subject area.
  • Has a proven track record of academic success as evident in TVAAS, state assessments, and value ad data.
  • Hold the belief that all students can learn at high academic levels.
  • Uses digital content, technology integration, and project-based learning in a highly efficient manner.
  • Have the ability to work in-person in an extended day environment.
  • Has the ability to teach in an inclusive environment with a co-teacher.
  • A team player with strong interpersonal skills.