Freedom Preparatory Academy seeks Elementary School teachers for our 3rd – 5th grade students. Our 3-5 teachers work collaboratively in a co-teaching model to develop research-based curriculum in literacy, math, and social-emotional skills. Enrichment subjects such as music, physical education, science, art, and project investigations are developed based on emergent planning and class specific exploration.


Freedom Preparatory Academy welcomes teachers who are relentless in their aim to see student growth and who want to hone their skills as effective teachers in the classroom. Below are some of the tasks required of teachers:

  • Embody the characteristics that the school wishes the students to uphold, especially respect, responsibility, integrity, excellence, and community
  • Fosters children’s positive view of self.
  • Reinforces respect for diversity of all kinds.
  • Develops emergent curriculum that encourages children to explore, discover and construct knowledge through thinking, questioning and experimenting.
  • Creates a smooth and relaxed transition between activities.
  • Plans experiences for children that reflect constructivist and emergent principles of teaching and learning in literacy, math, and the arts.
  • Document all syllabi, lesson plans, assignments, and other curricular materials
  • Reinforce school-wide rules and expectations in the classroom and lesson planning
  • Communicate effectively and maintain strong relationships with students, families and colleagues
  • Maintain the school culture of high academic and behavioral expectations through continuous reflection
  • Use detailed data analysis of student performance to inform best practices
  • Supports children’s learning through play and discovery.
  • Supports children’s learning through social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.
  • Complete other tasks as assigned by the Head of School or Assistant Head of School.


The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications:


  • Bachelor’s Degree required.
  • Master’s Degree preferred.


  • Tennessee Professional Educator License preferred.
  • Eligibility for Tennessee Professional Educator License required.
  • Considered highly-qualified based on NCLB guidelines


  • Two to four years of urban teaching and educational leadership experience is preferred
  • Successful manager of an urban classroom who has used structure, incentives, and high expectations to drive student success
  • Experienced classroom teacher with demonstrated, quantifiable and objective student performance gains that surpass state or local averages
  • Ability to work with a variety of learning abilities, including those with low skill level in a heterogeneously grouped classroom setting


  • Energy and entrepreneurial spirit for a transformation charter school
  • Unwavering in pursuit of excellence even in the face of difficult opposition and challenges
  • Results-driven educational leader with a commitment to standards-based curriculum and the use of data and assessments to drive instructional decisions
  • Good problem-solving ability and good judgment
  • Familiarity with cultural diversity
  • Ability to work collaboratively with staff, families, and community members
  • Ability to be creative, resourceful, and reflective
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills
  • Professional demeanor, strong work ethic, detail-driven work style with excellent organizational skills

About Freedom Preparatory Academy Charter Schools

Freedom Preparatory Academy Charter Schools (www.freedomprep.org) comprise a high-performing PreK-12 charter school network in Memphis, TN. Our mission is to prepare all students in grades K-12 to excel in college and in life. We accomplish our mission through providing a highly structured, academically rigorous environment where students master core subjects, develop advanced academic skills, and demonstrate the school’s core values of: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Excellence, and Community.

Freedom Preparatory Academy was established in August of 2009 with a class of nearly 100 6th graders. We now serve nearly 1,800 students in grades PreK-12. In 2019, as we celebrate our 10th year of providing a quality education for students in low-income/underserved communities, we are proud to see our students exceed local and state averages in Math and local averages in English language arts. We have received numerous awards year after year for being one of the top schools for growth in the city and state of TN. In 2018, 100% of our 2nd graduating class were accepted to four-year colleges and universities!

We have three core beliefs that drive our mission: Every child deserves the right to a high-quality public education, a foundation in character development is essential, and direct exposure to an array of opportunities and experiences provides each child with the self-confidence and social knowledge to compete globally.