Purpose and Scope:

This position is responsible for carrying out the lesson plans of the teacher for
whom he/she is substituting and meeting the duties of teaching as outlined in the employee handbook.

Pay Rate: $100 per day

Duties of this position include but are not limited to:

1. Essential Job Functions:
a. Following the lesson plan left by the teacher for whom he/she is
substituting in accordance with district’s philosophy, goals and objectives.
b. Meeting and instructing assigned classes in the locations and at the times
c. Establishing and maintaining order in the classroom.
d. Maintaining a classroom environment conducive to effective learning.
e. Taking all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students,
materials, equipment and facilities.
f. Assisting in upholding and enforcing school rules, administrative
regulations, and School Board Policies.

2. Public Relations:
a. Cooperating with school personnel.
b. Establishing and maintaining cooperative relations with other employees.

3. Reporting:
a. Reporting to the principal or his/her designee at the beginning and end of
the school day.
b. Performs other related duties as assigned or directed.

High School Diploma or equivalent.

1. Bachelor’s degree.
2. Experience working with students.