Location: Martin Luther King College Prep

Primary Purpose
Provide leadership and coordinate implementation of guidance and counseling program services, at assigned schools, to improve academics, attendance and behavior of all students.
Instructional and Program Management
1. Assists school counselors to develop, implement and evaluate comprehensive school guidance and counseling program.
2. Assists with individual and group monitoring/mentoring of school counselors.
3. Represents the District as a liaison with school and community agencies.
4. Assists with the supervision of student records and transcripts to ensure compliance as per state and federal regulations.
5. Assists with post-secondary planning and implementation.
6. Assists with post-secondary education funding options and financial aid.
7. Assists with planning and implementation of transitioning plans from elementary to middle, middle to high, and high school to a post-secondary institution.
8. Assists in planning and implementation of college/career awareness and exploration programs.
9. Assists in the identification and implementation of interventions to enhance student success and reduce the dropout rates.
Monitor Programs

  • Assists with monitoring and collection of data to ensure appropriate data submission to the state and other agencies.
  • Train/assists network testing coordinators

Student Management

  • Collaborates with other departments which provide counseling services to ensure cohesive implementation and delivery of services.
  • Ensures student handbook is accurate and up to date.

Policy, Reports and Law

  • Supports the goals and objectives of the Network.
  • Adheres to state and district standards, policies, regulations, and procedures.
  • Commits to current professional standards of competence and practice.
  • Commits to professional development.

Communication and Community Relations

  • Serves as a District representative to a variety of District and community committees.
  • Demonstrates professional and responsible work habits.
  • Address parents/guardians concerns.
  • Uses professional written and oral communication and interpersonal skills


  • Master’s Degree in School Counseling
  • Valid Tennessee School Counselor Certificate


  • 3 years teaching experience
  • 3 years counseling experience in the public school setting

Special Knowledge and Skills
– Ability to organize, coordinate, and present District-wide training
– Knowledge of 6 -12 guidance and curriculum
– Knowledge of credit accrual in high school
– Strong organizational, communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills
– Computer knowledge in district student management systems, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

Please send your resume and cover letter to: