To direct the nonprofit Emmanuel United Methodist Kindergarten (EUMK), as an outreach of Emmanuel United Methodist Church (EUMC), and ensure it consistently achieves the highest academic standards within a Christian environment and safe sanctuary for students and staff.

● Possess a clear knowledge of child development, along with skills and personality necessary to connect, communicate, and build meaningful relationships with children, teachers, parents, EUMC leadership and staff.
● Have a good vision for the school, its goals and mission, and the ability to make the vision a reality.
● Meet all licensing requirements, maintain a national accreditation rating, and provide a quality program that exceeds published standards of excellence. Deliver quality education and childcare, while integrating spiritual development into the curriculum. Meet or exceed all local, state, and federal safety codes and all regulatory requirements. Maintain all necessary records and handbooks. Direct the day-to-day activities of the school.
● Recruit and enroll students, while accurately projecting demand and planning to fully meet it. Develop policies and procedures. Oversee plans and programs.
● Train, challenge, supervise, and enrich the positions of qualified self-motivated personnel. Delegate tasks whenever possible to enhance those positions, as well as free the Director to focus on critical issues. Be available to support staff in daily tasks and difficult situations with parents and children.
● Hire new EUMK personnel and coordinate human resource issues with the EUMK Board. Ensure all personnel maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and immediately report any suspected breaches. Provide annual performance reviews for EUMK staff.
● Comply with and enforce the rules, policies and procedures established by the EUMK Board and EUMC. Propose and document recommendations for revisions, as necessary, to the EUMK Board.
● Maintain awareness and communicate new developments in childcare and education to staff. Conduct regular staff meetings that foster team building, communicate changes and solicit feedback.
● Develop, maintain, and enhance relationships important to EUMK and EUMC within our extended community, including parents, students, staff, congregation and neighbors, as well as relevant professional organizations and associations.
● Communicate regularly with parents to build awareness of their children’s progress. Be a liaison in difficult situations and be available for advising parents, as needed. Provide opportunities for parent education and coordinate parent involvement in school activities.
● Work closely with the Parent Council to achieve mutually agreed goals.
● Attend EUMC staff meetings, as well as specific committee meetings where EUMK business is to be addressed. When appropriate, ideas and resolutions resulting from these meetings should be communicated in a positive manner to EUMK staff.
● Maintain close working relationships with the EUMK Board, as well as with EUMC staff and committees on specific matters outlined in EUMK guidelines, such as salary adjustments, financial matters, and physical plant issues.
● Prepare an annual budget consistent with projected cash flows and tuition objectives established by the EUMK Board, submit it to the Board for approval, and subsequently to the EUMC Finance Committee. Supervise and assist in EUMK financial activities, and make financially responsible decisions.
● Work with committees focused on the EUMK Annual Fund, Scholarship Fund and Endowment Fund to maximize fundraising effectiveness.

Job Classification:
Full-time (12 month) salaried exempt. Benefits are consistent with those offered full-time EUMC staff.

Job Skills and Education:
● Baccalaureate degree (graduate degree preferred).
● Minimum of five years of experience as an early childhood educator.
● Knowledge of and compliance with National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Accreditation Standards and Child Development.
● Sufficiency to meet NAEYC criteria for administration leadership.

Location and Hours:
Emmanuel United Methodist Kindergarten, 2404 Kirby Road, Memphis, TN 38119. Monday through Friday, except holidays. During the school year, hours are to be consistent with the established kindergarten schedule and coordinated with kindergarten staff to ensure proper staffing levels are maintained. Use of EUMC facilities outside specific EUMK areas or operating hours must be coordinated in advance with the EUMC Administrator. There must be a designated person in charge at all times.

Responsible to:
● EUMK Board for adherence to policies, standards and guidelines.
● Report directly to the Senior Minister.
● Work closely with the EUMK Board, EUMC staff, and EUMC Finance, Trustees, and Staff-Parish Relations committees.