The Collegiate School of Memphis is an urban, private Christian middle and high school. Our mission is to prepare  young ladies and gentlemen for college success within a highly-structured, nurturing, Christian environment.  During the 2021-22 school year, Collegiate will serve about 365 students in grades 6-12. 

The Academic & Administrative Intern will be responsible for assisting with various school support operations. This  position will work alongside administrators and support personnel. The internship is designed for a 10-month (one  school year) term. 


Pursuing or holding a Bachelor’s Degree  

Experience in education setting preferred 

Strong interest in high-performing urban education 


Conduct daily homework checking process 

Assist with front desk reception and attendance reporting 

Substitute for absent teachers 

Provide clerical support for Administration Office and/or Business & Bursar’s Office Assist Dean of Admissions & Enrollment with student application process, admissions testing, etc. Assist Registrar with maintaining student record files and handling record requests 

Assist Dean of Finance & Operations with finance, personnel, and facility recordkeeping Prepare for various school events 

Handle various projects 

Other duties as needed to help the school operate effectively 


Regularly scheduled classroom observations with debriefing 

Regularly scheduled one-on-one sessions with administrators and leaders 

Participation in inservice and professional development during the school year 


Moderate internship salary paid over 12 months 

Competitive benefits package  



10-month term beginning July 26, 2021 

176 school days according to school year calendar 

In-service and data days according to school year calendar 

School day hours beginning at 7:45 AM 

Special events and extracurricular activities as assigned