This is a unique opportunity to join the work of expanding three high-performing schools that do whatever it takes to prepare students for college success. In 2012, Capstone Education Group (CEG), and its elementary school, Cornerstone Prep, joined the Achievement School District (ASD), a new program created to transform Priority Schools in the state of Tennessee. Since 2012, CEG has successfully launched two elementary schools and one middle school, been recognized as a TVAAS 5 school, scored in the 90th percentile in growth for 3 years in a row on a nationally recognized test and earned double digit gains in proficiency over the prior year on the state assessment. In 2019, Cornerstone Prep earned the highest achievements rates in the district in math and overall and Lester Prep received a TVAAS 5 for the third consecutive year.

CEG teachers enjoy significant support, professional development, planning time and career opportunities:
• There are 3 Deans of Instructions/teacher coaches for every school, creating significant individual support for every teacher, helping teachers solve classroom problems and grow professionally. Individual and small group PD sessions occur during daily planning periods and school dismisses by 1:15 every Friday afternoon so staff can participate in focused professional development.
• Every school has designated behavior teams and counselor to support classroom teachers.
• Elementary school teaching roles include the following benefits: Two full-time teachers in kindergarten, first and second grade classrooms, a designated math specialist in grades 3 to 5, departmentalization in grades 2-8 to provide focused instruction and an extra planning time.
• Middle school teachers enjoy low teacher-student ratios (1 adult for every 8 students) and access to school leaders and coaches (each coach leads 4 teachers).

Cornerstone Prep and Lester Prep schools will continue to add students in grades k-8 to the existing three schools in and seeks outstanding teammates to lead this work. Please apply soon to be considered for positions in this growing organization.

Capstone Education Group equips all students with the Wisdom and Knowledge necessary to succeed in college and to become leaders in their community.

Job Expectations:
• Work with the Dean of Instruction, Director of Academic Achievement and Principal to design and implement outstanding curriculum and instructional strategies to ensure all students achieve at high levels
• Teachers will work with 1 other certified teacher, each taking 2 subjects teaching in a self-contained classroom
• Produce dramatic and consistent student achievement gains
• Humbly receive and quickly apply feedback in order to increase the effectiveness of student learning
• Ensure that all lesson plans and assessments correlate directly to Common Core standards
• Use data to drive instructional practices
• Create a school culture of high academic performance and strong moral character
• Continuously create and refine effective instructional practices
• Willingness to work in an extended day environment

• Teaching certification
• Bachelor’s degree
• Passion to deliver an outstanding education to students from urban backgrounds
• Willingness to “sweat the small stuff” and utilize every minute of every day to accomplish the mission
• An unwavering conviction that all students can achieve at high levels when provided an environment of high expectations
• Growth mindset displayed by openness to feedback and immediate application of that feedback
• Strong communicator who is organized, reliable and detailed and effectively uses data for purposeful planning
• Belief in the CEG mission and best practices as found in the CEG Blueprint
Value common language, assessments and systems in every CEG school
• Ability to work well in a team of high-performers
• Goal-driven, self-reflective and analytical problem solver
• Other duties as assigned by a supervisor or other member of the organization’s leadership team. These duties will be in support of the organization’s mission but may or may not be directly related to the other tasks or the job title found on this job description.

Capstone Education Group
• Capstone Education Group leads three neighborhood charter schools: Cornerstone Prep Denver Campus (prek-5), Cornerstone Prep Lester Campus (prek-5) and Lester Prep (6-8).
• Capstone Education Group’s Vision: CEG equips all students with the Wisdom and Knowledge necessary to succeed in college and to become leaders in their community.
•Visit www.capstoneeducationgroup.org/joinourteam to view all of our open positions and for more information on Capstone Education Group and the schools.