CEG typically serves 1,400 students, employs 169 employees and is looking for an HR Specialist to serve these children, adults, and families as the sole person in the CEG Human Resources department.

Start date: January 4, 2020, this includes 6-8 weeks of training

Salary: $25000-$38000 part-time, $40000-$60000 full-time

– The HR Specialist can be either a part-time or full-time position, based on the desires of the candidate. A part-time role would be a minimum of 25 hours per week and require work in the office at least two days per week. One of the critical success factors in this role is a timely response, especially around hiring and firing issues. Because of that, the HR specialist has to be available and responsive all the time, even if not in the office.
– The HR Specialist work calendar mostly follows the school calendar, meaning that there are lots of break and holidays where the HR Specialist is not required to work unless a payroll is due on a holiday. That means lots of time off for things like spring break, fall break, and summer break.
– Though the job has flexibility in terms of where the work is done, it has very little flexibility on due dates. Payroll, grants, and other aspects of the job have very firm deadlines that must be met some of which will occur during breaks.
– This is a very detail-oriented job where accuracy and timeliness are of utmost importance.

Capstone Education Group equips all students with the Wisdom and Knowledge necessary to succeed in college and to become leaders in their community.

Job Expectations:
-Work with the Executive Director and school principals to recruit and onboard personnel for all 3 existing schools and any future schools
-Work with the Executive Director to create job descriptions, career paths, and plans for developing personnel
-Work with the Executive Director and Principals to develop marketing materials designed to attract personnel who fit the CEG employee profile
-Work with the Executive Director to define and execute a plan to retain 90% of teachers each year
-Handle all processes relating to CEG human resources, including managing payroll, benefits, and other personnel issues
-Refine the current employee manual annually
-Stay informed of the practices of other charter schools and the industry as a whole
-Work with Principals to develop ways to encourage, support and equip teachers

Specific Task Descriptions:
-Prepare offer letters
-Maintain salary spreadsheet and salary compensation chart
-Answer staff questions around benefits, retirement, and policies
-Complete local, state, and federal requests for information
-Provide support to the Executive Director on various reports and analysis
-Prepare and submit monthly grant requests
-Prepare monthly pension report for the state of TN
-Approve bi-monthly payroll report prepared by Paychex
-Distribute tax forms
-Organize annual benefit meetings
-Maintain and track teacher licensing requirements
-Review and update the employee handbook annually
-Handle FMLA and other leave processes
-Handle workers’ compensation claims
-Provide job and salary verification
-File all employee information
-Review monthly healthcare invoices
-Assist school staff with managing absences and substitutes
-Perform difficult conversations and staffing duties, including firing employees and administering disciplinary procedures

-College degree required
-Experience in human resources preferred
-Bring an organized and disciplined approach to managing human resources for multi-million-dollar organization
-Ability to communicate well via email, on the phone, and in-person
-Ability to self-motivate and meet goals and deadlines
-Organized and detail-oriented
-Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
-Belief that there is not a more urgent task than to provide an outstanding education to students from low-income, urban backgrounds
-An unwavering conviction that all students can achieve at high levels
-Commitment to do whatever it takes to recruit the staff necessary to prepare all students for college success
-Ability to work well in a team of high performers
-Goal-driven, self-reflective, and analytical problem solver