Location: Lester Prep

This is a unique opportunity to join the work of expanding two high-performing schools that do whatever it takes to prepare students for college success. In 2012, Capstone Education Group (CEG), and its elementary school, Cornerstone Prep, joined the Achievement School District (ASD), a new program created to transform Priority Schools in the state of Tennessee. Since 2012, CEG has successfully launched two elementary schools and one middle school, been recognized for consistently earning TVAAS 5 ratings from the state, been the highest performing organization in the ASD for three consecutive years, scored in the 90th percentile in growth for 3 years in a row on a nationally recognized test and earned record proficiency in math and science on the state assessment. In 2018, Cornerstone Prep Lester earned the highest achievements rates in the district in math and science and in 2019, Cornerstone Prep Denver led the district in math proficiency and Lester Prep received a TVAAS 5 for the third consecutive year.

Capstone Education Group equips all students with the Wisdom and Knowledge necessary to succeed in college and to become leaders in their community.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Develop teachers through live coaching, modeling, regular in-class observation of practice and feedback, spending 70% of time in classrooms on teacher development across multiple grade levels

• Create and maintain school culture in every classroom every day

• Create and lead professional development sessions for individual, small group and whole staff with a focus on practice to include: 2-3 weeks of professional development during Summer, all scheduled professional development days during the school year, before and after school, and during teacher’s planning periods

• Work with Chief Academic Officer (CAO) to develop and refine curriculum

• Lead selected CART team, grade level, and content team to support the alignment of curriculum and assessments across campuses

• Lead grade level planning and data meetings designed to ensure below grade level students grow 1.5 years and a minimum of 1-year growth for students at or above grade level

• Ensure alignment to curriculum and fidelity to the academic model, which includes reviewing teacher plans, organizing books and materials, participating in curriculum audits, and providing additional training as needed

• Regularly review data and assessments and meet with teachers to create action plans based on the data

• Assist with coordination of Response to Intervention (RTI) plan in the assigned grade levels and the Child Study Team process as needed

• Lead and develop interventionists if applicable

• Work with Building Test Coordinator to ensure that testing plans are implemented with fidelity and best practices for students including: SWYK, interims, MAP and TN Ready

• Collaborate with other leaders during leadership team meetings and selected trainings to ensure best practices are implemented effectively across campuses.

• A minimum of 4 years of teaching experience

• Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred

• Active TN teaching license required; administrative license preferred

• Experience leading adults preferred

• Ability to deliver effective professional development in various settings

• High capacity for organization and communication

• Exemplary skills in classroom management

• Skillful in delivering effective live coaching and model teaching in classrooms

• High capacity for analyzing data and building intervention plans based on the data

• Familiarity with Common Core Standards in the assigned grade levels

• Available 45 minutes before school, 2-3 days a week, to run professional development for individual teachers and/or face to face meetings with teachers who prefer to meet before school

• Available 60 minutes after school, 3-4 days a week, to attend leadership and/or data meetings or run professional development sessions

• Strong interpersonal skills

• Desire to spend significant amount of time in classrooms, coaching/modeling/practicing for 4-6 hours each day

• Willingness to take direction and work with the CAO

• Desire to collaborate with DOIs on existing campus and other campuses

• Available to work in the summer, following the summer work schedule for Leadership Team members

• Ability to meet goals and deadlines

• Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and execute at a high level

• Belief that there is not a more urgent task than to provide an outstanding education to students from low-income, urban backgrounds

• An unwavering conviction that all students can achieve at high levels

• Commitment to do whatever it takes to prepare all students for college success

• Track record of producing dramatic, demonstratable student achievement gains

• Ability to work well in a team of high performers

• Goal-driven, self-reflective, and analytical problem solver

• Willingness to work within a network of aligned schools

• Belief in the CEG mission and CEG blueprint for accomplishing the mission

• Desire to collaborate with school leaders on existing campus and from other campuses

Capstone Education Group
• Capstone Education Group leads three neighborhood charter schools: Cornerstone Prep Denver Campus (prek-5), Cornerstone Prep Lester Campus (prek-5) and Lester Prep (6-8).
• Capstone Education Group’s Vision: CEG equips all students with the Wisdom and Knowledge necessary to succeed in college and to become leaders in their community.
• Visit www.capstoneeducationgroup.org for more information on Capstone Education Group and the schools.