This is a unique opportunity to join the work of expanding two high-performing schools that do whatever it takes to prepare students for college success. In 2012, Capstone Education Group (CEG), and its elementary school,  Cornerstone Prep, joined the Achievement School District (ASD), a new program created to transform Priority Schools  in the state of Tennessee. Since 2012, CEG has successfully launched two elementary schools and one middle school,  been recognized for consistently earning TVAAS 5 ratings from the state, been the highest performing organization in  the ASD for three consecutive years, scored in the 90th percentile in growth for 3 years in a row on a nationally  recognized test and earned record proficiency in math and science on the state assessment. In 2018, Cornerstone Prep  Lester earned the highest achievements rates in the district in math and science and in 2019, Cornerstone Prep Denver  led the district in math proficiency and Lester Prep received a TVAAS 5 for the third consecutive year. 


Capstone Education Group equips all students with the Wisdom and Knowledge necessary to succeed in college and to  become leaders in their community. 

Primary Responsibilities 

  • Filing, organizing, and maintaining school files which may include:
    • Student Cumulative Files
    • Special Education Files
  • Assisting school leadership with various operational tasks which may include:
    • Organizing equipment, materials, and supplies in the main office, supply rooms, storage closets, or other  spaces around the building
    • Assisting in MAP and TN Ready administration
    • Setting up for school events
  • Assisting with the printing, assembly, and distribution of school communications to students which may include:
    • Weekly Newsletters
    • Report Cards and Progress Reports on a quarterly basis
    • Student or teacher reports as needed
    • Various parent and family communications as needed
  • Assisting with the registration, enrollment, and withdrawal of students which may include:
    • Assisting families with the completion of registration packets during summer registration and as needed  throughout the school year
    • Verifying and tracking the addresses of students to ensure enrollment eligibility as needed
    • Processing student information in the student database as needed
  • Assisting with various needs for teachers which may include:
    • Making copies
    • Laminating materials
    • Restocking classroom supplies
    • Sharpening pencils
  • Preparing weekly Prep Rocks or other behavior reports and certificates
  • Assisting with the tardy desk and tardy process daily which may include:
    • Processing tardy students daily from 7:20 – 8:00
    • Entering tardy records into the student information system
  • Reporting for assigned duties during arrival, lunch, and dismissal
  • Answering the phone, receiving and sorting mail and packages, going to the PO Box to get the mail three times  per week and over breaks, covering for others on the phone or the reception or front desk area or a brief  substitute teaching role, arranging for class coverage when substitutes are late or do not arrive 
  • Maintaining the copier, including replacing toner, staples and other supplies as well as fixing basic jams and calling  for service when needed 
  • Selling uniforms, keeping records of sales, and maintaining the inventory as needed 
  • Working with the office staff and receptionist to cover late parents for dismissal starting at 3:45. Will include 1-2  days per week on average.
    • Signing students into the late book
    • Monitoring students while they wait for a ride
    • Calling parents until the students are picked up

Secondary Responsibilities 

  • Answering the phone and covering for the lunch break of primary receptionist as needed 
  • Receiving guests at the Front Desk if the primary receptionist is unavailable as needed 
  • Assisting with uniform sales and inventory 
  • Assisting in the preparations for regularly scheduled volunteers 
  • Being available for in-the-moment, temporary substitute teaching 
  • Maintain office supplies and equipment when Office Manager is unavailable 
  • Additional tasks as needed 


  • Willingness to be a team player and at times take on duties above and beyond those listed
  • Organized and detail oriented 
  • Ability to work well in a team of high performers 
  • Ability to communicate well via email, on the phone and in-person 
  • Ability to meet goals and deadlines 
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously 
  • Belief that there is not a more urgent task than to provide an outstanding education to students from low income, urban backgrounds 
  • An unwavering conviction that all students can achieve at high levels 

Capstone Education Group 

  • Capstone Education Group leads three neighborhood charter schools: Cornerstone Prep Denver Campus  (prek-5), Cornerstone Prep Lester Campus (prek-5) and Lester Prep (6-8). 
  • Visit www.capstoneeducationgroup.org/joinourteam to view all of our open positions and for more information  on Capstone Education Group and the schools.