Mission of the School – Believe Memphis Academy Charter School prepares students in grades 4 through 8 with the academic rigor, robust supports, and leadership development necessary to excel in high school, thrive in college, and lead lives full of opportunity (“Mission”).

Position Summary – As the Front Desk Coordinator (“FDC”) of Believe Memphis Academy Charter School (“Believe Memphis Academy” or “the School”), this person will support the operations and logistics necessary to ensure every student receives high quality instruction delivered every single day. Specifically, the FDC will oversee the front office management of the School supporting the Director of Admissions & Families (“DAF”) with all tasks relating to main office management, record compliance, recruitment, and school event-planning. The FDC will report directly to the Director of Admissions & Families and will work directly with scholars, families, and staff.

The commitment for this position begins June 15, 2021. Given the urgent and demanding work of founding a high-
performing charter school, however, there will be opportunities and requirements to begin the work before the official start date.

• Strong commitment to and alignment with the Mission, vision, and core values of Believe Memphis Academy
• Unwavering belief in the potential that all students can learn paired with an unshakeable conviction to ensure all students will learn
• At least 2 years of office management experience highly preferred
• Ability to work within a fast-paced and dynamic team environment where responsibility for student success is shared and owned by everyone
• Commitment to solutions-based problem solving
• Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel and ability to work with Student Information Systems
• Pristine organizational skills, with ability to manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously
• Punctuality and attention to details are critical
• Servant-minded leadership, knowing that behind-the-scenes work is critical to the success of our teachers, scholars, and School
• Warm demeanor that creates a welcoming atmosphere, coupled with a strong ability to uphold and execute firm expectations


  • Ensure scholar attendance is recorded and reported on daily basis
  • Manage aspects of Student Information Systems and school-created trackers related to enrollment, culture, and academics.
  • Communicate daily with families in greeting, calling for absent scholars, and handling the office phone to take calls from families, vendors, or general inquiry phone calls
  • Support whole-school and individual family communication by consolidating school wide information and creating family-facing documents
  • Manage the schedule and calendar of the School to ensure the building is ready for visitors and families are informed of upcoming events and opportunities
  • Support with the digital application and enrollment process for current and potential scholars
  • Support with whole-school and staff purchasing, accounts payable, and reimbursement
  • Take an active role in building positive scholar and team culture of the entire School, every minute of every day that is aligned to Mission, vision, and core values of Believe Memphis Academy
  • Implement regularly shared feedback with grace and urgency for the betterment of scholar achievement, promoting positive school culture, and upholding professional team culture
  • Communicate respectfully and collaboratively with families and team members on consistent basis
  • Work collaboratively within a team to implement operational and cultural plans that support the Mission, vision, and core values of the School
  • Demonstrate a Mission-first mindset to ensure all decisions and actions are rooted in ensuring all scholars are prepared to excel in high school, thrive and college, and lead lives full of opportunity

Our Commitment to Diversity:

At Believe Memphis Academy, we firmly believe that we can best promote excellence by recruiting and retaining a diverse group of team members that are reflective of the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our scholars and by creating a climate of respect that is supportive of their success. By fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, we provide the best educational experience for our scholars that prepares them for a future reflective of the world in which our scholars will live and lead.